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Marketing Ideas For Small Business GROW!

In business – you need the right marketing strategies to be successful. This is strategy we encourage and share with many of our clients.

The Automated Capture System is driven by the Beepxtra project. This global loyalty card program is the future of loyalty card networks. It has been designed and engineered by the BeepXtra team of developers. It works because the marketing system is a Community Driven program that helps everyone.

In short, imagine a Loyalty Card that is free, adapts to your use patterns over time, gives you exactly the features and benefits needed for your clients and expands your reach with a globally scaled club card!

Beepxtra cards combines hardware and software so that it is interchangeable. That system learns from participants activities and changes to adapt to the marketplace. This lowers the costs to retailers working naturally to enhance the existing business processes of the retailer. (click here and register online)