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In business – you need the right marketing strategies to be successful. We live in an age where you can work the hours you choose, produce income at will and generate high income without a big staff and without the need for a big office.. anywhere in the world. You are at the Hub of a global alliance and network of marketing companies ... thus our name Global Marketing Group.

You can receive at no cost an evaluation normally worth $125.00 in Marketing assistance - it could be worth far more, even millions, to you. Let me explain; One of the most frustrating parts of getting a product or service to the people that want to buy it is figuring out how to market it successfully. You know the problem. You are bombarded with thousands of ads a day - most you ignore - even when the product would benefit you. (click here and register online)

Two examples; You are probably aware that Nordic Track, the exercise machine maker went bankrupt. They've sold their name, trademarks, ect. to another company so the name is still Nordic Track the company is gone. Do you know why? After the "early adopters" their marketing costs were too high. They never found the marketing key that would let them charge a price the mass market would accept AND was high enough to cover the selling costs.

Another example: You know all about Post-It notes from 3M company which were a smashing success for a "failed" batch of weak glue. But did you know that 3M's initial marketing for Post-It notes absolutely FAILED. Management was ready to pull the plug on this great invention because the 3M marketing staff couldn't get buyers. It wasn't a marketer, but the technical champion of Post-It notes that begged management for one more chance and finally figured out the marketing key. Do you know what it was? He used an age -old marketing technique called "sampling" and the rest, as they say, is history and profits.

That is often all it takes to turn a wanted product or service from a dismal failure to a smashing success - finding the right marketing key. An hour with an experienced marketer can often get you that key.

Audio / video solution for use in websites and email.

Marketing Collateral & Design Work - we offer graphic design services for logo and brand development. Copy writing, marketing press releases, industrial design, product sheets, brochures, ad development and placement, direct mail campaigns, post card marketing pages, E-marketing promotions, corporate image campaigns, trade shows, marketing presentations, and more.

Web Development & Internet Marketing - Through our affiliation with SEO440 Technologies we offer web design and development, e-commerce and e-marketing, automated sales and marketing tools, direct marketing and sales team support using automation, database development, database driven marketing programs, automated tracking tools and measurement systems, e-mail marketing web site, search engine optimization SEO, search engine marketing SEM, and more... see some work samples here...

Global Marketing Group has been consulting on marketing and business development since 1988. The company was founded by James Moss and is networked with marketing professionals and service providers throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. Call and get started with your own FREE VALUE ASSESSMENTS... Learn when, where, why, and how to take your business to the next level. Or click here and register online.

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