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Prepare for profitability, not just for the next quarter, but for the next quarter of a century.

Our core offerings include marketing and selling knowledge, business development skills, and client relationship managment. These are the key components that help our clients' succeed. Our consultants focus mainly on growing your client base and revenue volume.

Dr. James Moss Interview with Regus July, 2016

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Below are just a few confidential excerpts from our recent clients:

Global Marketing Group has built a truly functional product backed by great support at a fantastic price. In today's climate of glitzy, high-tech applications software with limited support; the straightforward and intuitive product matched with a strong focus on customer service is to be highly commended.

- The Container Store

We found Global Marketing Group to be very customer friendly. They worked hard to earn our business and followed through on their commitment to customize aspects of the program to our satisfaction before we went “live.” Our results were worth 100 times our investment.

- Country Wide Mortgage

In a few months, we went from a "bare bones" online record store web site that drove prospects to frustration to a top-notch web site business-generating machine. The project required a lot of planning and work. The team at Global Marketing was very responsive and they met all of the deadlines. James Moss introduced me to his affiliate-marketing partners Bill Guthy and Greg Renker of Guthy-Renker (Cyber-Mall) We were so successful we went public and sold our company for millions. Thank you, James - Jason Olin, formally CDNOW CEO. ( Sold to Bertelsmann Media Worldwide and

- Bertelsmann AG
Bertelsmann Media Worldwide Brussels
Gütersloh, Germany

Dr. Moss is an engaging, surprising and, most importantly, thought-provoking speaker. He sneaks up on his audience with his unassuming style only to completely captivate them with his controversial, intelligent and witty perspective. Whether or not you agree with his unique point-of-view, the exchange of ideas will leave you enriched.

- NASDAQ Global Marketing Roundtable
Denise Benou Stires
EVP, Marketing and Investor Services

Global Marketing says it all. No bull, no false promises, good solid understanding of the market, your clients and their customers. You are the 'Professionals' working for Professionals and get results for your clients, thus ensuring a 'win-win' for all.

I can't praise you enough. Your professionalism runs throughout the business and I would not hesitate to use you in the future.

- Ian Traynor
Marketing Director
Kingston Communications

Thank you for the Internet business survey study that Global Marketing has provided for the AOL Alternative Media Business Reply Card Program. We look forward to working with you again when a new promotion arises.

- Paula Kraft
AOL Marketing

As a sole-practitioner, the ROI from your marketing strategies was outstanding! Expect to hear from me soon regarding staffing assistance.

- S. Thompson, Rush-Hour Staffing in Atlanta, GA

My encounter reinforced that there is no substitute for wisdom in marketing. I would have paid twice as much, thanks

- Jermaine Dupree, Atlanta, GA.

Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International we helped develop an e-commerce website and membership calendar to support it's members.

- Jimmy Rogers, Atlanta, GA.

I've been a business and financial consultant for the past 15 years with an incredible passion for business. If there is one thing I've learned and wholeheartedly know is that in order for a business to succeed and thrive in today's competitive and changing global economy, it takes very effective, intelligent and legally compliant marketing. Because of the depth and scope of a new and potentially revolutionary product I am introducing into the US and international market, (Member Program for Groups in the Business Employee Benefit and Assistance market), I decided to hire Dr. Moss and his company US Global Marketing Group. Upon realizing how well connected in the business community Dr. Moss is and his knowledge about effective online marketing techniques, we decided to start dealing with James. It is refreshing to deal with someone with the knowledge, integrity and a genuine desire to see their clients successful. After a few months, we are now positioned to create a significant impact in the entire US market and believe we will far exceed our market share and income goals thanks to James and US Global Marketing Group.

- Gregory Bundschoks, Alberta, CA

James has played a major role on the development of my marketing website and the entire marketing process used in the development of my business. James and his team built a great website and as a direct result of the Marketing and Advertising efforts of the Global Marketing Team I have succeeded. I want to formally thank you for your help, and I will be happy to refer you to anyone who needs marketing or advertising services.

- Ronald Kenyatta, Marietta, GA

Dr. Moss has been working with us to develop our latest marketing and promotional campaigns. The following video was produced on our behalf. I am grateful your help James!

- Menswear Atlanta, South DeKalb Mall, Atlanta, GA